Commercial Oven & Ducting Cleaning

Do you have a clogged or dirty HVAC duct? Why wait until the problem gets out of control when you can easily get in touch with us here at Air Restore (NZ) Ltd. Commercial duct cleaning is an essential part of any kitchens cleaning. With 3 decades of experience working with HVAC’s, we have continuously provided the highest quality of workmanship in duct cleaning services in Auckland and throughout NZ. In a commercial environment, it is always a main focus to be working in a healthy and safe environment – not only the employees but the management and its owners too. So if you have a commercial property in Auckland or anywhere in NZ, we provide a wide range of services that include duct cleaning – this ensures your property’s HVAC is well maintained and free from contamination. Always ensure that your health and hygiene is up to scratch with our commercial duct cleaning service. By utilising our duct cleaning services you are reducing the risk of property users suffering from allergies or unexplained illnesses as the ducts will be cleaned to the highest of standards. Our specialist are more than equipped to work on the following projects:

  • Commercial Kitchen Extractor Cleaning
  • Kitchen Extractor Cleaning
  • Commercial Oven Cleaning
  • Kitchen Hood Cleaning
  • Kitchen Extractor Fan Cleaning
  • Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

From duct cleaning and commercial ducting to commercial oven cleaning, air restore is your one stop for all your HVAC cleaning, decontamination and restoration needs.