Kitchen Hood and Flue Cleaning

Here at Air Restore (NZ) Ltd, we are priviledged to have and continue to provide our expertise in the HVAC industry, especially when it comes to providing kitchen hood and flue cleaning. Our experts have been providing the highest quality services to ensure your mind is at peace when it comes to surprassing kitchen hygiene standards. We not only advice you to regularly clean your kitchen area to reduce the risk of mould, germs or grease build up, but we also advice you to implement a regular maintenance and cleaning services, which we happily provide.

With our help your kitchen hood and flue system will be looking and performing as new. This in turn decreases the cost in the long run as you do not have to replace the system due to damage caused by accumulation of unnecessary build ups. With our help of regularly cleaning the kitchen environment, this will result in the highest kitchen and flue operating standards.

Kitchen Extractor Exhaust Fan Cleaning

As a way of ensuring your kitchen hygiene is at the highest standard, we offer our services to take the stress off your shoulders. As exhaust systems are continuously operating to extract the heat ouf the kitchen, there is a down fall of being contaminated with grease which may also be highly flammable. By regularly cleaning your restaurant kitchen exhaust system you reduce many risks including the first of fire hazards. With a clean system your restaurant will save energy, increase the efficiency of the exhaust system and provide a cleaner and healthier working environment. A restaurant kitchen exhaust system cleaning will ensure your kitchen is free of contamination to ensure the restaurant receives the highest of ratings for your kitchen environment.

With everything from kitchen extractor fan cleaning and commercial kitchen extractor cleaning to Kitchen flue cleaning, Air Restore is your one stop shop for getting the most out of your kitchen cleaning service. Our specialists are able to service all types and sizes of kitchens with your needs in mind. We are able to fit our kitchen extractor fan cleaning and maintenance services around your schedule at a budget that can satisfy you.