Professional quality Air Conditioning cleaning with a personal touch.

Fix Ac by the tech visiting your home and diagnose the issue whether a minor or major issue and get it repaired in a service station.

Air Conditioning Cleaning

Air Conditioning

Studies have shown that indoor air may be a few times more polluted than outside air. Bad air quality results in a heightened incidence of health problems, which then may result in growth in absenteeism and lack of productivity on the job. Since air ducts are all behind the scenes, it is simple to be oblivious of the dirt and dust that build up indoors. Heating and ac cleaning, also known as home HVAC cleaning, is an equally significant part of healthful air quality and house maintenance. For AC Fix, the tech will visit your home and diagnose the issue. Upon identification, the tech will describe for you, the origin of the issue and how it is solved. If the issue is minor, your AC will be repaired at your home itself. Otherwise, it will be taken to the service station and the AC will be repaired there, and delivered back to you once it’s done. Never lookout for service centers in NZ anymore! found a fault in your AC call us now or Book online.